Thursday, January 24, 2008

166- mTech DRO-2M on Clausing Kondia milling machine - Charles S. (USA)

Thanks Charles for sharing with us his mTech DRO2M installation on his Clausing Kondia milling machine.

Here is what Charles had commented (no editing was done) :
"Just a quick note of thanks for an awesome DRO package. I couldn't believe it arrived in only 6 days from Singapore. I looked at a number of DRO's on Ebay before deciding on your 2M Mill package. Only yours offered the mounting and hardware package and I must say that this made all the difference in the world. Had it not been for the scale mounting brackets, generous hardware assortment, cable clamps and shims, I would have exhausted countless frustrating hours hunting up material, fabricating the mountings and searching for the right metric hardware. In addition, the free E-book was invaluable for mounting hints and especially noteworthy for the proper scale alignment proceedures. The trouble free, neat & tidy installation was due wholly to the the extra thought that you put into creating the complete DRO package. Just as your ad stated, there was nothing else to buy. Thank you for your extra effort & detail that you put into your DRO offering. C.S. Florida, USA"

Front view of the mTECH DRO

I used the supplied cable clamps on the readout for cable strain reliefs.

The X axis installation

The Y axis installation

X and Y axis installation

He had made full use of the cable clamp to tidy up his loose cables.

Thanks once again for contributing the photos for our fellow mTECH 'er


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