Wednesday, October 31, 2007

102- mTech DRO-3M on Bridgeport Milling Machine from David Ralston (UK)

Thanks David for sharing with us his Bridgeport Milling with mTECH DRO installation.

David has chosen to install the X axis Linear Scale on the front, he has a good reason:" The x axis is mounted on the front to save losing the 35mm on the y axis as you always need it. The locking screw on the x axis may have to be modified. Fitting to rear is much easier though"

David on his preference for a 3-axis DRO system :"The z axis is worth the extra money could be fitted neater but will do for now. may need extra guard to protect from coolant. "

Here is the photo of the Y axis. For this Y axis, most people will find it the toughest of the 3 axis.
But David thinks otherwise : " y axis straight forward. "

Installation is well done and Here he summarized his project :
"great to have it, very much needed and worth the money many thanks ."

Thursday, October 25, 2007

96- mTech DRO-2L on Harrison L5A (1961) from Ross Crymble (UK)

Thanks Ross for the excellent photo of his Harrison L5A from 1961, which is beginning to show his age. However, with the addition of the mTECH DRO-2L, it is given a new lease of life.

Here is Ross :"Hi Scott, finished fitting my DRO to my 1961 Harrison L5A.
Everything is working great and your equipment is fantastic, it has given my machine a new lease of life."

Photo showing the completed machine with mTECH DRO-2L

This shows the bracket mounting details for the X axis of the lathe.

Photo showing him checking the alignment of the scale with a dial gauge.

Mounting of the X scale reader head

The Z axis scale with the reader head mounting bracket in detail.

This shows the Z axis from the top.

We strive to answer any questions within 8 hours regardless of time zone. We also have a team of experience engineers whom can answer any questions on the installation of the machine.

At the end of the day, Ross has done a good and professional job in the installation.
Ross:“Thanks for you quick response to my other emails and advice.”

Friday, October 19, 2007

83- mTech DRO-2L on Birmingham model 1440 from Hamilton/ITS (USA)

Thanks a lot to Michael from Hamilton/ITS ( for the excellent installation and the photo taking.

The lathe is a Birmingham model 1440. 14 inch swing, 40 inch travel.

mTECH DRO offer professional features with an affordable price. Michael says "We are very pleased with the system. It is easy to use and has a lot of features."

Here shows the mTECH DRO-2L in action.

Another shot of the DRO-2L

The X axis mounting and the cable neatly clipped.
This is the professional way of doing. Excellent job !!

A direct view of the X scale installation.

The Z axis installation. I also personally like the use of the block to elevate the scale.
This will let the metal chips fell through and coolant to slip through.

Michael on why he didn't use the cover "I mounted the Z spar on the backside of the lathe and didn’t use the cover – simply as we don’t use the lathe for production work."

Conclusion is EXCELLENT JOB!!

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

070917- Pinacho Lathe machine (Spain) with mTECH DRO-2L

Thanks to Inaki from Spain for sharing his photo on a DRO installation on a Pinacho Lathe machine.

This shows the X axis installation, Below that is the Z axis scale

This is from the front, it shows the X axis installation.

Great Job.

070827-CHEN HO milling machine with mTECH DRO-2M

Thanks to SUNNY for his photo on a DRO installation on CHEN HO Milling machine.

This shows the X axis installation, though we could not see much with the cover on.

The Y axis is done in an unconventional way, it had to be done this way due to space limitation on the Y axis.
This shows that it is possible to install a scale on any machine, your imagination is your limits.

This is another angle shot of the Y axis.

Thanks for demostrating to us your interesting way of mounting the Y axis.