Sunday, September 19, 2010

745- Grizzly G-4084 Milling (Rong-Fu 45 clone) - Abe (USA) - TDS-2B- 220mm- 620mm

Thanks Abe (USA) for his photos and his bracket design for Grizzly G-4084 Milling machine (Rong-Fu 45 clone).
Message from Abe:
" Y-Axis complete and functional checked
Some pictures are attached you may use them if you wish.  
Installation is on a Grizzly G-4084 which is a Rong-Fu 45 clone. "  

775-TIDA TD-6B lathe by Colin Behn- Australia - mTECH 2L - F5-270mm - 1020mm

Thanks to Colin from Australia.

message from Colin:
" I have not put a splash guard over the cross slide scale as I have had to trim back Saddle lock to clear mounting bolt.

Reader is also wrong way round so I do not hit end of scale at full movement of cross slide and room for cable run.

Also had to turn my own spacers around the bolts to hold reader in place as casting not machined where mounted had to shim to get rear scale mounted without curve.

It is mounted on a TIDA TD-6B lathe.

All appears to work fine, now to get used to it.

It should not take long, as all my mills have DRO. "

806-Les Whiddon- USA - TDS-2B - 220mm,520mm, on JET Equipment Milling machine

Thanks Les for his photo on a JET Equipment Milling machine.

Jerry - TECH-2 / TDS-2B on Bridgeport Milling machine

Thanks Jerry for his effort to send me his installation on his bridgeport milling machine.

The Y axis installation.

The X axis installation

The TDS-2B DRO from TheDroStore

Overall view of the handsome machine