Monday, November 26, 2007

103- mTech DRO-2M on Milling Machine from Charles Weyrauch (USA)

Thanks Charles for sharing with us his Milling with mTECH DRO installation.

Charles has chosen to install the mTECH Scale in the front for the X axis.
He has also made some clear plastic sheet to prevent splashing coolant.

This is a picture of the X axis with the cover installed.

Below shows the picture of the X and Y axis scales with their covers on.

Charles says" X axis install was pretty straight forward but the Y was interesting because there was no existing surface to mount the reader head on."

Here is how he managed to install them.

See the special bracket that is made to hold the reader head. Ingenious.

Charles : "The scales arrived last Tuesday and I finished the installation yesterday. Everything worked out perfectly, thank you for a very impressive product"

Thanks again Charles for sharing with us.