Friday, November 6, 2009

BLOG - 488- TDS-2B on 13" Southbend, circa 1947 Lathe -- Sherri (USA)

Thanks Sherri from USA (FL) for sharing with us the TDS-2B DRO on 13" Southbend, circa 1947

Photos from Sherri:-

Anyway, I proceeded with the installation and got side-tracked with cleaning. So, here are the pictures you asked for.
0869.jpg -- Here's an overview of the lathe, a 13" Southbend, circa 1947 or so.

0870.jpg -- This is a view of the x-axis. Note how the custom bracket I made mounts to the taper attachment and places the x-axis scale and transducer farther away from the work piece. This installation would interfere with the follow rest mounting, if I had one.

0871.jpg -- If you look closely in the shadows of the brown shelf, you can see I found an alternative use for the z-axis scale protective cover. It is now serving as a cable raceway, providing additional protection to the transducers armored cable.

0872.jpg -- A picture of the z-axis scale with the taper attachment in the distance. It doesn't show very well in this picture, but the lathe's saddle ways overhang the scale considerably. I opted to mount the scale as high as possible to make use of the protection offered by the overhang, instead of using the aluminum extrusion you provided in the kit. The taper attachment helps protect it as well and was ultimately crowding the installation of the provide scale cover.

0873.jpg -- The upper scale is the x-axis with the transducer mounted stationary. The lower one is the z-axis where the scale, itself is mounted stationary to the lathe bed casting. This picture show the z-axis transducer and all cable straps mounted to the underside of the taper attachment.

0874.jpg -- Another look at my custom x-axis mounting bracket.

Thanks for sharing your photo , Cheers

Sunday, October 18, 2009

481 - YunNan Lathe with TDS - 2B, Quebec, CanadaB

Thanks to Gilles for the photo of TDS-2B DRO installed on a Yunnan Lathes.

Here is what, Gilles says:"

Hi, heres are a few pictures of my DRO installed on the lathe, im super satisfied and will recommend you to all my contacts, will order soon for my new milling machine. take care"

Thursday, October 8, 2009

BLOG - OLD DRO Photo : Acu-rite Master G ( 3axis DRO for milling machine)

This is a record of an old Acu-rite Master G DRO.

I am keeping the photo of it on the blogs, so that those interested in knowing how it look like will be able to find the information here.

If anyone have more information, like how to setup the parameter or the wiring connection, just send me an email.

Thanks for sharing , Cheers

Thursday, September 24, 2009

P20090908- Milling machine - from DIETRICH - USA

Please find attached pictures of my DRO installation. I am very happy with this product and I also enclose a picture of my automatic long travel which I build from a windscreen motor with adjustable speed control and reverse switch connected with a dog clutch.


mTECH DRO on ENCO 1442 Lathe and mill is an ENCO 13x42 Milling machine - Florida, USA (Dave)

mTECH DRO-2L on Enco 111-1445 Lathe

The connection at the rear of the DRO

a view of both the X and Z axis installation

Z axis scale installation

This is the X axis (cross slide) scale installation

I have routed the cable below the cross slide.


Enco Milling Machine 13x42

Enco Milling Machine - X and Y axis scale view

Cabling through the arm and to the DRO

Rear view of the connection to the DRO-2M

putting on an additional plate before mounting the X scales, to get a good surface.

Close-up of the X reader head

Installation of the Y axis scale

full view of the X and Y installation and the cable tie

Close-up view of the Y reader head

The lathe is an ENCO 1442 and the mill is an ENCO 13x42.
The systems are working properly. Good quality equipment. Excelent installation information.
I will recomend these readouts to all.
Dave - Florida, USA

360- mTech DRO on Storm Vulcon Surfacer - Manhattan,USA- (Daniel)

Thanks Daniel for his photo on his installation of Storm Vulcon Surface Grinding machine.

It was a great job, and mTECH is capable of accuracy for grinding usage.

20090923- Bridgeport 2sv Milling machine - Melbourne Australia (Steve)

Hi, I have sent a photo of the readout I purchased from you , I’ve put this on my 2sv Bridgeport, fits perfectly .

I am very happy with this readout , having purchased jenix readouts for my other three machines , I now intend to buy your mTECH DRO in the future. I have another mill that’s needs a readout and will be buying one from you in the near future.

Steve- Melbourne Australia