Thursday, January 24, 2008

140- mTech DRO-2M on Van Norman Mill from Rob Kraaijenbrink (Netherlands)

Thanks Rob for sharing with us his mTech DRO2M installation on his Van Norman Milling machine.
Here is what Rob had said about the installation :
"I finally completed the installation. It works like a charm, I almost regret I did not buy the 3-axes version."

Overall view of the machine

A close-up view of the mTECH DRO2M

Rob is kind and patient enough to document the whole process and has given explanation on his mounting method.

Here is his X axis mounting:

"I did not want to miss any Y travel, so the X-scale had to be mounted on the front.

The ideal position would be horizontal (pict X_00)
against the front of the table, but this would render the gib adjustment screws (pict X_01) unreachable as well as an oil hole."

pict X_00

pict X_01

"So I mounted the X-scale vertical, some 3 cm away from the table (pict X_02). The head can be seen in pict X_03."

pict X_02

pict X_03

"Because the risk of bumping against the scale (apart from chips and coolant of course) I wanted to make a strong cover (pict X_05 and X_06) that does not touch the scale and is supported (pict X_04) solely by the table. "

pict X_04

pict X_05

pict X_06

Below are the Y axis installation:

Thanks Rob for the great effort to explain and took those great photos to share with us. Cheers !!

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