Saturday, August 8, 2015

Connecting mTECH linear scale to a Dynomotion KFLOP for CNC conversion (Australia)

Details for the connection:

Information from Robert:
We’ve successfully connected our mTECH JCXE linear scale to the Dynomotion.

The scales connect to JP5 (which is the RJ45 connector) on the KFlop controller board.

The scales need to be supplied 5VDC. Power them from the 5 VDC power supply which runs the KFlop board. Do not use the 5 VDC supply which powers the KStep.

The connector supports up to 4 scales (encoders 4 to 7). The wires connect in pairs.
in the example below * is for the encoder channel number.


mTECH JCXE linear scale Pins & Colour Codes Connection to KFlop

1   Not Used

2 - 0V (orange)    5VDC (also called 0VDC or common)

3 - Not Used

4   Shield (Not Connected/Not Used), The shield should remain on the cables to within a 3 cm of the connection

5 - Not Used

6 - A (Yellow)   Connect to ENC*A

7 - 5V (Red)   +5VDC

8- B (Green)   Connect to ENC*B

9 - Z -Reference (Brown)   Terminate, Not Used/ Not Required

Thanks for your help, much appreciated

Robert “

Replies from Robert (Australia):

Hi Scott,
thanks very much for that.
its a great help. we have it worked out and when the machine is running and we can test it absolutely works, i’ll send you the details.
it’s pretty easy.

much appreciated