Saturday, January 5, 2008

141- mTech DRO-3M on Birmingham Mill from Steve Henning (USA)

Thanks Steve for sharing with us his DRO installation on his Birmingham Milling machine. The mTECH DRO3M system is used to replace his Mitutoyo Digimatic DRO.

Steve:" The Y axis mounting brackets were part of the Mitutoyo Digimatic DRO that I replaced with the m-TECH 3 axis DRO. I attached the scale covers with silicon sealant (no screws) as my experience with this product is if you have a good fit, it will take a good amount of force to remove it."

Overall view of the X and Y axis.

Close-up view of the Y-axis.

Steve has a clever way to fine-tune the alignment for the Z axis, by mounting a bar.
Steve:" As you can see I elected to first install aluminum bars to attach the scales too. I like doing it this way as I can dial-in the bar and then simply mount the scale to it."

Steve has chosen to mount the Rubber side facing the work table. We will recommend to install the Z scale with the rubber side facing out, so that it will reduce the chances of flying chips and coolant "attacking" the scale.

Steve is really neat and attentive to details. He has coiled up and cable-tie the wires nicely.

Thank you for sharing.

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