Sunday, July 17, 2011

1012- Dan (USA) - Sieg X3 Mill - TDS-3i

Thanks Dan (Holden - MA) for the pictures of the Sieg X3 installation with:
Scales 170mm, 370mm, 420mm
 I have completed the installation on my Sieg X3 mill and I am very happy with this DRO.  I'll be sending a few emails with pics. 

1045 - Lochmann- Germany - Deckel FP1 Mill -

Thanks Lockmann from Germany for the photos on the Deckel FP1 Mill.

He is using :
mTECH DRO-3M and scales: 120mm, 170mm, 920mm

1023 - Mario from Italy with DRO on Norwik C6236 Lathe

Thanks Mario (Italy) for the photos on mTECH DRO-2L on his Norwik C6236

He is replacing the DRO with the DRO-2L, using back the existing scales:

Message from Mario:
The DRO is in my workshop and it works great, I make model steam
loco 5 gauge, this is my hobby.


978- Dwight- Canada - CZ300/1 Lathe - TDS-2i DRO

Thanks Dwight for the nice photos:
The equipments are :
Scales 170mm and 920mm
Message from Dwight:
 Here is some photos after my install I mounted the cross slide scale on the front of the carriage because the cross slide and carriage locks but added a extra splash guard.

921- Georg - Germany - Deckel FP1 Mill with TDS-3i DRO

Thanks Georg for the nice photos:
Message from Georg:
 thanks for the quick and reliable delivery.

The TDS and the scales were mounted in about 6 hrs. and work great. I use it
on a Deckel FP1 milling machine (very popular in Germany).

Here are some photos.
They show the Deckel FP1 milling machine in my cellar room.

This machine is nearly 40 years old, but in really good condition.
You can mill up to 1/100 mm measuredness!

So there is very less amount of space in this room, please make excuses for the messy afterimage.

a)  the machine without DRO

b) scales on the Y- and Z-Axis

c) scale on the X-axis

d)  Detail on Z-axis

e) The DRO is standing free on the cabinet. This is the most useful place...

Hope You can use this photos...

Best regards


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918- Vic from UK - C4 Lathe

Thanks Vic from United Kingdom for the photos on his C4 Lathe.
He is using a TDS-2 DRO and a F5-370mm scale.
He is using back the short scale from a previous setup.

876- Rudolf - Germany - DRO Installation on Optimum BF20

Thanks Rudolf from Germany for his photo on Optimum BF20 Mill with
Scale : 220mm, 320mm, 370mm

Message from Rudolf:

I've finished my DRO installation on my OPTIMUM BF20 Mill.

Lasts about 2 days to install.
Y Axis brackets have been a little bit difficult to produce
and to install. X Axis went sooth as well as Z Axis.

DRO works as expected.

Attached a couple of pictures from my installation.

Finally thanks for all. Was a pleasure doing business with you. Never
thought to have a DRO for this money.....

With best regards

Rudolf Eineder

852- Trygve - Norway - TDS-3i DRO on Bridgeport Mill

Thanks Trygve (Norway) for the photos on the Bridgeport mill.
The following equipments are used :
Scales : 320mm, 470mm, 820mm
Message from Trygve :  
Sending you some pictures of digital readout. The company that I have installed this build cars for handicapped people.
Company name Rep. Tek AS
Thank you for the excellent follow-up after purchase.
Best regards
Trygve H. Kristiansen

1227 - Murray Blum- Australia - ZX45 Mill - TDS 3i

Thanks Murray for the nice photos of the installed DRO on his ZX45 Mill.
He is using the :
TDS - 3i
with scales:
120mm, 220mm, 520mm
Message from Murray:
Just finished installing the DRO, that I just bought from you.
A couple of pictures of the finished job.
I might save my penny’s and get one for my lathe.
Murray Blum