Tuesday, March 23, 2010

584-DRO-2LC- China Generic Lathe -Victoria- Australia (Peter DEAN)

Message from Peter:

The goods arrived very quickly in perfect condition and I fitted them to the lathe without much trouble although I did make a couple of extra brackets myself.

Had to go away Interstate for a few days then when I got back I saw your email pointing to the Blogsite that suggested a few different ways of fitting the slides.

These gave me some new ideas on how to simplify the install and mount both slides facing down to prevent cuttings getting on them.

Attached are a few photos that I took that you are welcome to use.

The lathe is a 10 year old generic Chinese lathe that I am sure there are at least a million others out there very similar! I removed the rear covers to fit the parts and take the photos.

I decided to mill an aluminium bar to hold the cross-slide transducer as I was restricted front and back by the saddle clamp bolt at the back and the lubrication hole stopper at the front.

The scale was bolted to the cross-slide and the transducer kept stationary. This makes it easier to clamp the cables as the cable from the cross-slide and saddle now both move together. To hold the cables more firmly I fitted a length of aluminium angle to the bottom of the brackets holding the saddle transducer.

The saddle scale is simply bolted onto the back of the lathe bed.
So the only extra parts I had to furnish were the milled bar and a couple of spacers for the cross-slide, a short length of aluminium angle, a couple of 2mm shim plates for the lathe bed scale and a 5mm nut. All the rest was in the supplied kit.

The readout is rock steady and clear. I was surprised at how steady it is.
If the lathe is running with an out-of-balance item and vibrating a bit, there is the occasional flicker of the last digit but it is still very precise and easy to interpret

Overall I am delighted with the system and the excellent service from the DROStore.

Kind Regards,

622- Harrison M300 lathe with MEA-2 / TECH-2i DRO by Garry (Essex - United Kingdom )

Thanks to Garry for his photo of Harrison M300 lathe

He had bought the MEA-2 / TECH-2i and using F5-220mm and E5-820mm scales