Friday, January 25, 2008

131- mTech DRO-2M on RF31 milling machine -- Al Betzwieser (USA)

Thanks Al for sharing with us his mTech DRO2M installation on his RF31 milling machine.

Al has taken great care to install the X axis : " I mounted the X scale on the front of the table because I didn’t want to lose any Y travel. I also had to mount the X scale guard a little different because it would interfere with the X axis table locks. "

Overview of his RF31 Milling machine

Y axis installation (side view)

Y axis installation (front view)

Y axis installation (side view)

X axis installation (without cover)

X axis close-up with the cover installed

X axis installation with the cover installed.

Thanks Al again for your time and effort to take those photos.


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