Friday, January 25, 2008

131- mTech DRO-2M on RF31 milling machine -- Al Betzwieser (USA)

Thanks Al for sharing with us his mTech DRO2M installation on his RF31 milling machine.

Al has taken great care to install the X axis : " I mounted the X scale on the front of the table because I didn’t want to lose any Y travel. I also had to mount the X scale guard a little different because it would interfere with the X axis table locks. "

Overview of his RF31 Milling machine

Y axis installation (side view)

Y axis installation (front view)

Y axis installation (side view)

X axis installation (without cover)

X axis close-up with the cover installed

X axis installation with the cover installed.

Thanks Al again for your time and effort to take those photos.


Thursday, January 24, 2008

166- mTech DRO-2M on Clausing Kondia milling machine - Charles S. (USA)

Thanks Charles for sharing with us his mTech DRO2M installation on his Clausing Kondia milling machine.

Here is what Charles had commented (no editing was done) :
"Just a quick note of thanks for an awesome DRO package. I couldn't believe it arrived in only 6 days from Singapore. I looked at a number of DRO's on Ebay before deciding on your 2M Mill package. Only yours offered the mounting and hardware package and I must say that this made all the difference in the world. Had it not been for the scale mounting brackets, generous hardware assortment, cable clamps and shims, I would have exhausted countless frustrating hours hunting up material, fabricating the mountings and searching for the right metric hardware. In addition, the free E-book was invaluable for mounting hints and especially noteworthy for the proper scale alignment proceedures. The trouble free, neat & tidy installation was due wholly to the the extra thought that you put into creating the complete DRO package. Just as your ad stated, there was nothing else to buy. Thank you for your extra effort & detail that you put into your DRO offering. C.S. Florida, USA"

Front view of the mTECH DRO

I used the supplied cable clamps on the readout for cable strain reliefs.

The X axis installation

The Y axis installation

X and Y axis installation

He had made full use of the cable clamp to tidy up his loose cables.

Thanks once again for contributing the photos for our fellow mTECH 'er


113- mTech DRO-2L on Harbor Freight HF 40576 14x40 lathe from Ed Boysun (USA)

Thanks Ed for sharing with us his mTech DRO2L installation on his Harbor Freight HF 40576 14x40 lathe.

Here is what Ed had said about the installation :

"I received my DRO package on Monday of this week and started installation Tuesday.
I completed the install on Thursday and took time to take some pics and post them on my website.
You may want to take a look here
Feel free to include the link to prospective customers or any who may have questions on installation.
I am very impressed with the quality of the equipment and your prompt shipping. "

1) 1st step for X-Axis scale mounting
The cross-slide has been removed, drilled & tapped, and the scale bracket has been mounted to the tail-stock side

2) Mounting holes for the reader head.
The carriage has been drilled & tapped in preparation for mounting the reader head. Spacer block, shims and mounting bolts are lying atop the carriage.

3) Scale and head mounted.
The scale is mounted and the signal cable has been tied to a bolt. The cable will route beneath the carriage and exit on the chuck side of carriage.

4) X-Axis complete
The protective cover in place and the display setting on the bedways as operation of the scale is tested.

5) Slide plate removed.
The slide plate has been removed from the rear of the carriage. It will be drilled & tapped to serve as the mounting point for the Z-Azis reader head

6) Slide plate prepared
The area that the mounting bracket will contact has been lightly touched with an end mill to remove paint and true up the metal surface. It has also been drilled & tapped.

7) Bracket mounted
The bracket has been mounted to the slide plate and it is ready to be re-attached to the carriage.

8) Z-scale mounted.
The scale has been mounted to the bed of the lathe. Spacer blocks set the scale out .10" from the side of the lathe. A suitable shim has been added to one end of the scale and the scale has also been adjusted vertically so the reader head maintains proper spacing throughout the complete range of travel.

9) X-Axis cable.
The X-Axis cable crosses under the carriage and is clipped in place.

10) Z-Axis complete
The scale guard has been installed and the cables secured to the bracket. The cable is then fastened to the X-Axis and lamp power cable. Install is complete here and the back-splash can be re-installed.

11) Lathe install complete.
Display head has been mounted and the cables suspended from the backsplash to allow them full range of travel and also keep them out of the swarf that collects in the chip tray.

12) Lathe and operator
Ready for work.

Thanks so much for the detail instruction and the photos.
Once again here is the link to his original website :
Ed says "Feel free to include the link to prospective customers or any who may have questions on installation."

152- mTech DRO-2M on Milling machine from Dugson (Australia)

Thanks Doug for sharing with us his mTECH DRO2M DRO installation on his Milling Machine

An overall view of his machine with the mTECH DRO2M

Doug comments on the X axis : " the X scale is on the front to keep maximum Y movement and packed out 30mm to clear stops, locks and oilers.I will have to make a special removeable cover for this. "

The X axis installation

Doug has an easy time with the Y axis :" The Y axis was easy just needed a bracket to attach to the saddle"

The Y axis installation

Thanks Doug for his contribution. And thanks to his compliment to our service and product.

"Dear Scott,
Yes you could add that I think the product and service are both excellent.
I have no website or services as I'm happily retired now and building a miniature steam locomotive amongst other things.

140- mTech DRO-2M on Van Norman Mill from Rob Kraaijenbrink (Netherlands)

Thanks Rob for sharing with us his mTech DRO2M installation on his Van Norman Milling machine.
Here is what Rob had said about the installation :
"I finally completed the installation. It works like a charm, I almost regret I did not buy the 3-axes version."

Overall view of the machine

A close-up view of the mTECH DRO2M

Rob is kind and patient enough to document the whole process and has given explanation on his mounting method.

Here is his X axis mounting:

"I did not want to miss any Y travel, so the X-scale had to be mounted on the front.

The ideal position would be horizontal (pict X_00)
against the front of the table, but this would render the gib adjustment screws (pict X_01) unreachable as well as an oil hole."

pict X_00

pict X_01

"So I mounted the X-scale vertical, some 3 cm away from the table (pict X_02). The head can be seen in pict X_03."

pict X_02

pict X_03

"Because the risk of bumping against the scale (apart from chips and coolant of course) I wanted to make a strong cover (pict X_05 and X_06) that does not touch the scale and is supported (pict X_04) solely by the table. "

pict X_04

pict X_05

pict X_06

Below are the Y axis installation:

Thanks Rob for the great effort to explain and took those great photos to share with us. Cheers !!

66- mTech DRO-2M on Pallas Mill from JOHN GRAY (UK)

Thanks John for sharing with us his DRO installation on his Pallas Milling machine. The mTECH DRO2M system is used.

Here is what John had said about the installation:"

"I have installed the DRO onto my milling machine, and I have attached some photos as you suggested. I plan to fit the cover to the X axis slide to protect it, however the Y axis one I think will be more difficult to cover and in any case it is quite well shielded where it is. The Y axis slider was the most difficult to fit because it was mounted onto the cast surface of the knee and there wasn't a convienient place to fix the bracket to, so I utilised the mounting bolts of the lead screw nut. I had to space the X axis slider out from the table so that it would miss the auto feed 'knock off' plungers.
I have been using the machine today, and it all seems to working fine. The readout agrees exactly with the dials on the machine, as you would expect!
Thanks for your prompt replies to all my questions.. "
regards, John.
(Exact wording from John's reply, no editing was done)

Overall view of the machine

Close-up look of the mTECH DRO2M

The X axis installation

The Y axis installation.

Thank you John for sharing with us.