Monday, March 14, 2016

3150 Bridgeport Milling Machine- from Derek Boyton - (United Kingdom) - DRO-3M - 320mm, 470mm, 750mm

Thanks to Dreke for his photos, thanks for the effort.

Derek:” hi i'm so sorry for such a long delay the machine was busy then i was busy then i forgot but here finally are some photos
you requested sorry pictures are not very good quality had to use shop camera still i hope they help.”

The machine uses :


Scale Travel  : 320mm,  470mm, 750mm

3065-Optimum Lathe - from Francesco Ghedi (Italy)- mTECH DRO-2L2

Thanks to Francesco from Italy for the photo.


This is a Optimum Lathe .


It is using : mTECH Dro-2L2