Saturday, August 25, 2012

1762 -Myford Super 7 lathe - from Ed Dee- UK- TDS-2i - F5- 170mm, E5- 470m

Thanks to Ed for his photos of his installation of the TDS-2i DRO system on hi Myford Super 7 Lathe.
Below is his email on the installation
Thank you for the speedy despatch of my order (1762) - which arrived last week and has successfully been fitted to my Myford Super 7 lathe.
As you do not seem to have many pictures of a myford installation I enclose some of my setup - mainly for the cross slide - which is the interesting one (the saddle scale is just bolted on to the taper turning mount - which on my lathe isn't used).  Please feel free to pass them on should anyone else be interested.
I mounted the cross slide scale behind the saddle  as there were disadvantages is mounting it in front or behind of the cross slide (vulnerability to chuck damage + loss of use of travelling steady if mounted in front; interfering with gib-strip adjustment and saddle lock and restricting tail stock if mounted behind).  The only fittings used other than those supplied was a fabricated hanger for the cross slide reader and a section of a scale cover left over from the installation on my mill.  The smaller JCXF5 scale and cover were ideal for this application.
Ed Dee"