Thursday, January 24, 2008

152- mTech DRO-2M on Milling machine from Dugson (Australia)

Thanks Doug for sharing with us his mTECH DRO2M DRO installation on his Milling Machine

An overall view of his machine with the mTECH DRO2M

Doug comments on the X axis : " the X scale is on the front to keep maximum Y movement and packed out 30mm to clear stops, locks and oilers.I will have to make a special removeable cover for this. "

The X axis installation

Doug has an easy time with the Y axis :" The Y axis was easy just needed a bracket to attach to the saddle"

The Y axis installation

Thanks Doug for his contribution. And thanks to his compliment to our service and product.

"Dear Scott,
Yes you could add that I think the product and service are both excellent.
I have no website or services as I'm happily retired now and building a miniature steam locomotive amongst other things.

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