Wednesday, April 21, 2010

543- TDS-3 DRO on a Optimum BF 20L mill. (Ruud - The Netherlands)

Thanks Ruud living in The Netherlands for sharing with us his TDS-3 LCD DRO on his Optimum BF 20L Mill.
The scales used are travel length 220mm, 420mm and 520mm.
It is a great job and paying lots of details in the installation.
Below are from his original email :

Scales on Optimum BF 20L mill.

X axis, mounted directly to the front of the table without using any spacers.

The sensor head of the X axis is mounted directly to the base of the Y axis with two allen bolts. In the picture you can see that the scale of the Y axis is raised with a small aluminium block. This block came with the dro, I only made the hole in the block a little bit larger to be able to move the scale up and down a little bit.

As the 220mm scale (total length 362mm) is longer than the base of the mill I made a bracket to extend the base at the back. The bracket is made from one of the angle plates that came with the dro.

The sensor head of the Y axis is mounted with a aluminium plate bend to the correct angle. A peace of aluminium is used as a spacer.

The scale of the Z axis is mounted directly to the column of the mill.

You can just see the aluminum foil I used to get the correct alignment.

The sensorhead of the Z axis is mounted to the head of the mill with a aluminium plate milled to the correct dimensions.

The cables of the scales are ty rapped to the back of the bracket of the display. The ty raps go through holes drilled in the bracket.

The original aluminium bracket is mounted to ta home made bracket. This bracket is made from a piece of angle iron with the U part of the original bracket welded to it. I welded some small brackets to the back of the bracket to hold the cables in place, while in the mean time the cables can still move back and forward when the display is rotated.

It shows an extra bracket I made to guide the cables.