Sunday, March 23, 2014

2585- TDS-3i with RS232 on ENCO Drill / Mill - FL, USA (Jim)

Thanks Jim for the photos on his ENCO Drill / Mill Machine with TDS-3i DRO from
eBay ID : TheDroStore

The setup for this machine is :
-TDS 3i  (3 Axis LCD DRO)
-Scale Travel length -JCXF5:120mm, 4.7inch (Physical length:262mm, 10.3inch)
-Scale Travel length -JCXE5:220mm, 8.7inch (Physical length:362mm, 14.3inch)
-Scale Travel length -JCXE5:520mm, 20.5inch (Physical length:662mm, 26.1inch)
From Jim (FL, USA):
I was surprised to see the package arrive this afternoon.  Great service! Really fast!
I have connected the scales to the DRO and powered it up to see if everything works.  Everything seems to be working in this preliminary test.  I plan to install it on my mill later this week.”

The photos show the finish work, and they are install in a nice and professional manner.


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