Friday, February 7, 2014

BLOG - 2539- mTech DRO 3i , 170, 270, 320 on LittleMachineShop Milling machine -- Jamie Cruz (USA)

Thanks James from USA (NJ) for sharing with us his mTech TDS 3i on his LittleMachineShop Milling machine.
Jamie Cruz :
very fun project!!!  Many thanks great product price shipping and customer service.  I will be buying from you again!!!! "

 ”I had to get creative there were some holes already drilled and tapped in the mill already so I just used those.  Its a little ghetto but I made my own brackets it works dam accurate and the little blue gauge slide easy in and out!”

“ maybe I need to focus more on exactly one turn.  I am happy!!!  Z axis I tried to do .005 thousands on the fine feed and look what came up.

“I did a test to see how it lines up with the handwheels  of 1 turn is 62.5 thousands of an inch”

Thanks for sharing your photo , Cheers

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