Friday, February 7, 2014

2550-Lathe machine DRO 2L, F5-170 and E5-620 - from Hans-Peter - Switzerland

Thanks to Hans-Peter from Switzerland for the generous photos.

This is a  Lathe Machine.

It is using :
mTech DRO 2L with scales travel – 170mm and 620mm
 From Hans-Peter: 

I received the rulers on Friday, this gave me time for installation and adjustment.
Today, I received the display-unit.
Installed and working perfect.

It is very good, that you inform on exact dimensions in e-bay. Due to this, I felt very confident to place a purchase order with you. Especially on the X-Axis, I only had 2mm on top and 2mm on bottom clearance. Also the combination and selection possibility of ruler-lengths and display units is just great. A very good homepage-setup you have.

The aluminium brackets were too large in hole distances (maybe for a bigger size ruler, the shims as well). No problem because I had to make special brackets anyway and I’m well equipped to do so (machines and material).

I’m very pleased with your service and communication. The instructions are well done.

Thanks and I wish you great success in doing further business.

Best regards


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