Saturday, April 12, 2008

165- mTech DRO 2L on Ormaskiner GK185 Lathe -- Yngve (Finland)

Thanks Yngve from Finland for sharing with us his mTech DRO 2L on his Ormaskiner GK185 Lathe (

Yngve on his machine:
"My lathe is an Ormaskiner GK185 Lathe. It's a pretty basic model, in other words suitable for repair works and DIY projects. "

Yngve on the installation:
"As I wrote earlier the Z-axis scale was simple to install, but the x-axis was a bit more complicated, my solution is not the most ultimate because I lost about 35 mm of clearance between carrige and tailstock, but i recon I'll manage this way. The X-axis cover is a PVC-liner so far, further on I will have to make a custom cover in sheet metal."

1) Machine Overall Look

2) X axis Photo 1

3) X axis Photo 2

4) X axis Photo 3

5) X axis Photo 4

6) Z axis Photo 1

Thanks for sharing your photo from Finland (Home of Nokia)

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