Friday, April 11, 2008

156- mTech DRO 3M on Capstan Lathe -- Trevor (UK)

Thanks Trevor from UK for sharing with us his mTech DRO3M on his Capstan Lathe.

His Installation is unique, as he is installing 3 axis to his lathe machine. As such, he needs to use a DRO3M console to display all the 3 axis together. By adjusting the parameter setting on the X axis resolution, it is possible to make the X axis display as Radius or Diameter counting.

Email before his installation:
"Mine will be an interesting/unusual installation as I am installing the 3 axis version on a large Capstan lathe.
This probably isn't ideal as many of the milling type functions will have no purpose on the lathe,however I need the third axis for tailstock/capstan boring so the 3 axis DRO I selected is probably my best choice.

I did consider fitting a 2 axis one and using a serial switch to switch between the third and another axis but thought that might cause problems.

I believe from the manual it is possible to alter the counting resolution for the axis I will install on my cross slide in "system settings" so that it reads radius rather than diameter? If so this will be very convenient,if not It's no big problem.

regards for now will be in touch again soon.

Here is his photo of the whole installation process:
1 X axis during install

2 Y axis during installation

3 Z axis during install

4 overlapping x & Z covers installed

5 overlapping axis end view

6 Y axis cover installed

7 cables clipped

8 cables tidied

9 covers and cables

10 view of readout

Email after his installation:
As promised I am now sending you some pictures of my finished installation.Everything works fine and I am very pleased with how it all worked out.

My X and Z axis share the same measured space so I have installed one overlapping the other. It would be poor practice normally to install an axis so far away from the slide as this would introduce accurracy issues. However my machine is extremely robust and tight so in practice I have no problems on that front.

A long axis with 2 read heads would have saved the need to do the overlap if one were available.I have sheltered my X and Y axis under heavy metal sections as well as fitting the supplied covers to give them maximum physical protection in the event of a workpiece coming loose fro m the chuck or some of the larger tooling from this machine being accidentally dropped. I am very impressed with the features of the display unit.I think I have achieved an unusual and imaginative use of the 3 axis mill unit on a lathe."

For information, if you need a long scale with 2 reader head, it is available on request. But most likely, it will cost more than having 2 scales separately.

Thanks for the great photo, cheers.

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