Sunday, August 19, 2007

55- mTech DRO-3M on Sieg X3 Mill - Jeffrey (UK)

Great Details went into the installation and also taking of photos which show a step-by-step guide for installation for a Sieg X3 Milling machine. Thanks to Jeffery for sharing.

DRO installed on the supplied arm with cables neatly tied up.

Below is the installation for Y axis.

Jeffery make some blocks to be fitted to be used as a base for the scale installation.

He also adds another base for the reader head to rest flat on.

The scale is then added on.

The cover for Y axis is then fitted on.

This is the X installation, with block at each end to elevate the scale.

Top view of the X scale.

This is after the X cover has been added.

This is the installation for the Z scale

Here shows the mounting for the reader head.

Another view showing the Z reader head mounting.

Overview of the Z axis scale.

Thanks again for the great effort to make this installation steps so clear. Cheers

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