Tuesday, August 7, 2007

59- Bridgeport milling machine - Aaron Nelson (USA)

Thanks to Aaron Nelson for the photo from USA on his Bridgeport milling machine.
(Aaron has so far bought 2 sets of DRO from us, you can see his lathe installation on next blog)

The overall view of the Bridgeport milling with mTECH DRO-2M.

Quoting him from his feedback:" The tool-holder is a nice touch, BTW- It's really convenient to keep the tools I use most often, rather than the holder on the side of the machine I used to use. "

View of the X and Y linear scale.

Aaron has this to say about the X-axis installation:
"The X-axis bolts directly to the bed, and then the pickup for the x-axis bolts directly to the saddle. No special bracket necessary. Using a dial indicator, I got the runout within 0.004" The X-axis didn't require many shims. The Y-axis required many shims because the knee is not very flat on the cast surface."

Aaron has really done a very good job in installing this milling machine. He is a real PRO.
This is what he says about the Y-axis installation:

" I had to modify the brackets in the kit to mount the Y-Axis slide on the bridgeport. You will see the two brackets used together in one of the pics. Basically, I milled one down shorter and then slotted it. The other I drilled tapped to match the slotting. It bolts right to the slide pickup. The only flat spots for the Y-axis on the brigeport are the underside of the saddle and the faces of the saddle- but if you use the side face, you lose 1/2" of travel in one direction."

Great Job, we can all learn from you, cheers !!!

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