Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Installation of TDS DRO on Harbor Freight Milling from John (USA)

Here is a great write up from

John Doig
California, USA


These are the installation photos on my Harbor Freight Milling Machine.

Installation is complete. I mounted the scale and reader on the front of the table as rear mounting limits the table in the Y axis.

X axis front mounting required the shield to be cut down on the bottom to have access to the table tightening screws.

X axis scale and reader mounting with shield removed. Both units are mounted directly to machine.

Y axis installation with shield removed. Scale is mounted on a cut down piece of aluminum angle that has been notched to clear table hand wheel assembly. Reader is mounted on a cut down piece of aluminum angle as well. Hand wheel was removed for photo.

Photo shows mounting of reader onto machine base.

Y axis scale and reader with shield installed.

Mounting of DRO unit and cables.

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