Thursday, September 24, 2009

mTECH DRO on ENCO 1442 Lathe and mill is an ENCO 13x42 Milling machine - Florida, USA (Dave)

mTECH DRO-2L on Enco 111-1445 Lathe

The connection at the rear of the DRO

a view of both the X and Z axis installation

Z axis scale installation

This is the X axis (cross slide) scale installation

I have routed the cable below the cross slide.


Enco Milling Machine 13x42

Enco Milling Machine - X and Y axis scale view

Cabling through the arm and to the DRO

Rear view of the connection to the DRO-2M

putting on an additional plate before mounting the X scales, to get a good surface.

Close-up of the X reader head

Installation of the Y axis scale

full view of the X and Y installation and the cable tie

Close-up view of the Y reader head

The lathe is an ENCO 1442 and the mill is an ENCO 13x42.
The systems are working properly. Good quality equipment. Excelent installation information.
I will recomend these readouts to all.
Dave - Florida, USA

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