Monday, December 31, 2007

134- mTech DRO-2L on Birmingham lathe from John Stanke (USA)

Thanks John for sharing with us his DRO installation on Birmingham lathe.

Photo of the whole setup.

Photo from behind, wires are too long and has recommend John to tied them up together with the DRO stand.

View from below showing the Z axis scale and reader head installation.

John has chosen to install the mTECH Scale in the front for the X axis.

Here is John explanation: "My Birmingham is different than the one shown in your blog. On the tailstock side of the carriage there are some things that get in the way. The cross slide lock down screw and the the carriage lock down screw. If I installed the scale on that side I would have to remove the screws. So I tried to install to the spindle side of the carriage. "

Thanks John for sharing with us.

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