Wednesday, October 31, 2007

102- mTech DRO-3M on Bridgeport Milling Machine from David Ralston (UK)

Thanks David for sharing with us his Bridgeport Milling with mTECH DRO installation.

David has chosen to install the X axis Linear Scale on the front, he has a good reason:" The x axis is mounted on the front to save losing the 35mm on the y axis as you always need it. The locking screw on the x axis may have to be modified. Fitting to rear is much easier though"

David on his preference for a 3-axis DRO system :"The z axis is worth the extra money could be fitted neater but will do for now. may need extra guard to protect from coolant. "

Here is the photo of the Y axis. For this Y axis, most people will find it the toughest of the 3 axis.
But David thinks otherwise : " y axis straight forward. "

Installation is well done and Here he summarized his project :
"great to have it, very much needed and worth the money many thanks ."

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